Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, The Russians, Stamos, 50 Mln users: #deletefacebook

News broke that

  • Cambridge Analytica had harvested data on as many as 50 million Facebook users.
  • Russian paid Advertisements were targeted based on profile specifics
  • Mr. Stamos, the CISO planned to leave Facebook in December but was persuaded to stay till August.
  • His security team was reduced from 100+ to 3.
  • He disagreed about disclosure of Russian trolls.
  • Facebook executives care about their reputation (trust with the customers) and didn’t want to disclose
  • Facebook said it wasn’t a “breach”.
  • Zuckerberg says sorry.

Many of those 50 million facebook usersdon’t care about the definition of a data breach.  They are now scrolling through Twitter with the hashtag #deletefacebook.

On Twitter? But …. But …..

  1. Is Twitter as honest about the Russian trolls? They had some issues as well
  2. The CISO of Twitter quit his job as well.

Picture is from the New York time