NSA Security Posters 1950s-1970s

When listening to my favorite infosec podcast Risky Business, I heard them make a remark that some NSA posters have been declassified.

Here you can find them all in one PDF that you can send straight to your company’s A0 plotter ;-]

NSA Security Posters 1950s-1970s

They are lovely, gorgeous! Even the declassified banner at the bottom is great, even though it’s distorting a bit it’s so funny to see that there classification policy is king and even applies to posters.

Some of them are a bit too melodramatic, typical American:


For this one i wonder: are these NSA employees? or Models?



This one looks it has been made today with a seventies theme in mind:



This one is so cozy, it could have been on a cookie jar on sale during Christmas time in some American Mall:



I don’t get this one. Don’t rely on God but rely on the state? Is it some kind of self-mockery by sparking the fears of a state body that becomes overzealous?