Privacy? I don’t have anything to hide

Some years back I was being faced with friends responding this way. Then it stopped. But why? Perhaps because of the new GDPR that put the subject on the table? Does the GDPR initiate some consciousness?

Some websites have gathered both knowledge and tools related to privacy protection. One of these is

This is a beautiful collection of tools, arguments, plugins for Firefox, VPN recommendations. You can follow them on Twitter, although Twitter is not good for privacy.

my personal advice for Privacy:

  • use FireFox as your browser (even though Chrome is better for security it’s worse for privacy)
  • Firefox plugins: uBlock Origin, HTTPS everywhere, Privacy badger and Cookie Auto Delete
  • for more privacy use the Iridium browser
  • use Iridium for banking websites and the FireFox for other purposes
  • use as a search engine instead of google or use Qwant

Andrew Case (@attrc) has a really good website that sums it all up.