Radical Transparency

Just learned this concept. Loved it the moment I heard the term from a podcast with Ray Dalio. A pleasure to listen to this person. One can almost sense the wisdom by just focusing on his manner of speaking.

From a business point of view there is:

Radical corporate transparency

Radical corporate transparency, as a philosophical concept, would involve removing all barriers to free and easy public access to corporate, political and personal (treating persons as corporations) information and the development of laws, rules, social connivance and processes that facilitate and protect such an outcome.[6]


Then it turns out this guy is a TED VIP, has written a book (Principles: Life and Work) and even has his own desktop wallpaper to promote radical transparency.
However he is not only show. Some that stayed with me for some time:

  • He said that charity is a way of giving back to community and when doing so he realized was just a very small part of a much bigger ecosystem.
  • There will be a difference in people that make algorithms and those who don’t.
  • Humans create algorithms, so algorithms can perpetuate human biases. Basically saying that it’s okay when the algorithm reflects the creators mind. If a creater is bad, its algorithm is bad as well. Objectivity is not good.
  • Thoughtful disagreement is not an easy thing for people. People are reluctant to disagree.

There are some people that oppose radical transparency and one says it’s just micromanagement or snooping on each other.


I am sure Ray put all the arguments in his idea meritocray algorithm and the outcome was that radical transparency is still the best. Or it wasn’t and then he decided to thoughtful disagree with his algorithm. Which means eehhh disagreeing with yourself??